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For Immediate Release
Please call Nanding Mendez at (212) 682-6610 or
email sepmgzn@aol.com for more information


New York, USA––Special Edition Press, Inc. is presenting the 2008 Pinoy Musik Festival and Expo de Mayo — a two-day celebration of Filipino music and entertainment extravaganza in the East Coast. Capitalizing on last year's successful Pinoy Musik Festival in Atlantic City, it returns to a bigger venue at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, New Jersey on May 17 & 18. The Expo de Mayo pavilion will honor Filipinos’ Spanish heritage through music and exhibits.

The event is envisioned to showcase original Pilipino music and provide an avenue for Filipino composers and musicians a bigger stage where they can display their talents and music while penetrating the mainstream market. For the marketing strategist, the Pinoy Musik Festival presents an incredible opportunity to reach the younger generation of Filipino-Americans in the Northeast.

Highlights of the event include: Bandfest, where bands from various counties of the region will drum it out with their original compositions, an incredible display of solo and group musical talents, performers from alumni associations of Philippine universities and colleges, and a live concert featuring top performers from the Philippines. Other activities during the day include videoke/karaoke jamming, game lounge, children’s pavilion, and of course food court where attendees can taste the flavor of the Philippines in various cuisine, snacks, desserts and drinks. As with every Special Edition event, there will be business opportunities within trade exhibits and sponsor kiosks.

A songwriting competition was launched early this year in Manila and is open to all songwriters residing in the Philippines. Cash prizes are at stake for the winners. Winning entries will be interpreted at the Pinoy Musik Festival by select Filipino American artists/singers.

The Pinoy Musik Festival is managed by Nanding & Mila Mendez, who are also behind the successful Philippine Fiesta in America, a trade show event held annually every August and attended by over 23,000 Filipino Americans in Secaucus, New Jersey, USA.

Top featured performers for the 2-day event include Sam Milby, MYMP and Kris Lawrence and the funny duo—Pork Chop. For more info, 212-682-6610 or email at sepmgzn@aol.com or visit www.pinoymusikfestival.com. To sponsor, exhibit, or to participate call Mila Mendez at 917-443-3634; milamendez@aol.com. General admission tickets are $18 and limited VIP tickets are available at shop.specialeditionevents.com.




MYMP’s timeless hits at Pinoy Musik Festival

SECAUCUS, NJ — You won’t have to wait for weekend radio programs to hear your favorite love songs from yesteryear. All you have to do is to watch a gig of Make Your Momma Proud or MYMP. This award-winning quintet from the Philippines has certainly made their mommas proud by injecting new life to the timeless hits that we love. Armed with Juris Hernandez’ angelic voice and Chin Alcantara’s soulful rhythms, MYMP re-made these classics for the younger generation to love.

Their career took off when they were discovered by Raymond Ryan, station manager of Philippine radio station iFM 93.9, in one of their early gigs. Eventually, it was also Ryan who helped the band produce their first album, Soulful Acoustic, which went on to platinum status.

And to prove that their initial success is no fluke, their 2005 double-disc record entitled ‘Versions and Beyond’ was very much embraced by Filipino music lovers that it garnered a seven-time platinum recognition. This success also made them one of the most sought after commercial jingle composers in the country. Though they are relatively a young band, they have already made beats for Hortaleza Beauty Center, Jollibee, Nescafe and Jam 88.3.

They have also been recognized by the top award-giving bodies in the Philippines. They were named as the Best Acoustic Act in the 2004 SOP Awards and Most Popular Recording Group in the 2006 Box Office Entertainment Awards. Of course, hearing their records is good enough. But, your MYMP experience will not be complete once you’ve seen them perform. They are an amiable group of individuals who want nothing less than a great acoustic session and the simplicity of their harmonies have made them into one of the most likable bands in the Philippines.

Also, listening to their songs will give you a mixed feeling of nostalgia and freshness. They have made a reggae song ‘Waiting In Vain’ into a heartfelt track that is still making rounds in Philippine radio stations. Also, they have added a manly flavor to Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’. And last but not the least, Chin did a good job in remaking the piano-heavy song ‘Beauty and Madness’ into an acoustic masterpiece.

Say all you want about them raking success by just rehashing songs. But once you’ve watched them take the stage, you will discover that they have paid tribute to those great musicians while making these songs as if it was theirs. And with the way things are going for them, it’s hard to imagine whether their greatness will ever wilt.They have taken the Philippine music industry by storm and so it is time for you to check them out and have a wonderful night of music as Juris serenades you while Chin lets his guitar weep.

So be treated with the kind of acoustic music only MYMP can produce. And once you’ve started it, their soothing melodies will make you listen to them more often. And with that in mind, it could be an addiction that will make your momma proud as well.

Watch MYMP perform at the Pinoy Musik Festival on May 17 -18, 2008 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus, New Jersey. For more information, please contact 212-682-6610 or email at sepmgzn@aol.com





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