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Sheryl Cruz Stages a Comeback!

Svelte and pretty, Sheryl Cruz hogs the limelight once more as she has decided to make a semi-comeback in the world of Philippine showbiz. Yes, the popular actress cannot help but accept the numerous offers which come her way in spite of giving way to motherhood.

It is very seldom to see younger actresses such as Sheryl getting swamped with movie and TV offers especially after marriage, even more so if they have left the Philippines and stayed abroad. Sheryl is definitely a talent to reckon with; otherwise, showbiz would not welcome her with open arms again.

For those not in the know, Sheryl at the peak of her career got married to San Francisco police officer Norman Bustos. They have a three-year-old daughter who looks very much like Sheryl. Acting, singing and concerts took a backseat because "Family is top priority!"

When asked if she had a hard time convincing Norman to allow her to go back to showbiz, Sheryl told this writer: "It was definitely a mutual decision. I will not go back to the scene without Norman's consent. Norman, even from the very beginning, knows that I have always loved acting. And with Ashley now a bit bigger, I decided I can still do it while there are offers coming my way."

Not that Sheryl has to work just to make ends meet. Norman and his family own several buildings and apartments in San Francisco. Sheryl on the other hand works part time and her mom, veteran actress Rosemarie Sonora, can easily provide for her.

Thus, it is the very genes-- and blood running through her veins that made Sheryl miss the biz very much. Passionate about acting, Sheryl started at the very tender age of three. She was discovered by Aga Muhlach's father, Cheng Muhlach. From that time on, Sheryl became every child's inspiration who wants to hit it big in showbiz.

Sheryl has played opposite the biggest names in the movies, including her uncle, Fernando Poe Jr. (married to her aunt, Susan Roces). She also shared billing with Manila's acting gem with no less than Mayor of Lipa, Vilma Santos-Recto.

It was the dynamic loveteam with then-bachelor Romnick Sarmenta, which made Sheryl a byword among moviegoers.

To date, both actors are happily settled down, with Romnick marrying long time girlfriend, Harlene Bautista (younger sis of Herbert).

Recently, Sheryl was seen hosting the Sunday talk show of Channel 7, The S-Files. She was practically all over the place - and the fans still adore her. She is being considered to play one of the female leads in the popular "Mano Po" movie series of Lily Monteverde. It was also reported that Channel 2 is offering her a starring role in a teleserye. Likewise, the other stations are following too.

Thus, Sheryl had to get her former manager, colleague Nestor Cuartero (entertainment editor of Tempo, a sister company of Manila Bulletin) to take care of all her bookings.

Now if you are wondering why I get all these latest bits about Sheryl, it is because her former production assistant now works with me. So thanks to Rosemarie (Renonos) …and to my dear Sheryl, wishing you all the luck, the power and strength to carry on a flourishing career!

I'd like to greet my unico hijo, Michaelo "Mikko" Katigbak a happy 6th birthday. He has been the greatest source of joy and love for me and my partner, Gerry. I can only thank the Great Lord for such a miracle and most wondrous blessing. I love you, Mikko!...Belated b-day greetings to Noelle Mae and Juancho Regala…Congratulations to Lani Misalucha for the continued success of her show series with the Society of Seven at Bally's Las Vegas. Produced by Rosy Cheeks Entertainment Group, Lani has gotten several standing ovations for her marvelous numbers. The show lives up to its tagline, "Every Show on the Strip. On One Stage." It has practically all the elements of a fun-filled, highly-entertaining Las Vegas stint. Playing daily 3 p.m. except Fridays exclusively at Bally's Las Vegas.

(Ed's Note: Jackie Regala-Katigbak started as the Associate Entertainment Editor of the Bulletin Today in the Philippines. Her column is widely syndicated in the West Coast. Drop a line via JackieRegala@comcast.net)

Lani Misalucha: First Filipino Artist to Headline 6-month Stint in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada -- Lani Misalucha, easily considered as Asia’s Singing Sensation has elevated the status of the Filipino artist once more as she topbills a six-month performance at one of the most famous theaters in the strip, the Jubilee Theater in Bally’s Casino.

A rare opportunity offered any artist, Lani is overwhelmed and excited about this latest project. She shares the stage with America’s premiere showband, The Society of Seven in the self-titled concert “The Society of Seven with Lani Misalucha (Every Show on the Strip on One Stage)" which kicked off on August 7, 2004 and runs until Feb. 6, 2005. The show goes on daily at 3 p.m. except Fridays. This early, the buzz is strong especially among the locals of Las Vegas who are more than eager to watch a fellow Filipino take centerstage right at the heart of the Las Vegas strip. It will also allow mainstream audiences to notice that the Filipino artist can stand at par with any artists in the USA in terms of performance and vocal talents.

Lani, to many of us is a Diva’s Diva. Not one to rest on laurels or titles, she continues to hone her talent in singing and test her vocal skills to the max. A very versatile artist, Lani can carry a torch song with so much angst and glide into a powerful aria with so much ease and grace. A real gem, Lani is out to show her audiences that indeed, a Filipino artist is world-class.

In this concert, a different Lani emerges on stage as she blends perfectly well with the seasoned vocalists of SOS as well as dance to well-choreographed production numbers. While most of her concerts featured her wide vocal spectrum, the six-day grind in Jubilee Theater showcases Lani as a well-rounded entertainer – one who can sing, dance and exchange a warm repartee with her audience.

Incidentally, Bally’s Las Vegas belongs to the world famous Caesar’s Entertainment, one of the world’s leading gaming companies. Under its ownership and management are Caesar’s Palace, Paris Hotel LV, Flamingo, Grand Casinos and Hilton.

Bally’s is an ultra modern, high-rise hotel located On the Strip which is also just a few miles from McCarran Airport. Since its opening, Bally’s Las Vegas has been considered one of the most elegant resorts even earning the tag, “Jewel of the Strip.” What makes this casino also world-famous is Don Arden’s Jubilee! – A lavish stage spectacular and jaw-dropping musical extravaganza.

It is this very same Jubilee theater where the Society of Seven and Lani Misalucha will have their daily performances.

The Society of Seven (SOS) is a powerhouse cast of genuine talents whose performances have been enjoyed by varied audiences traveling from all over the world. From blues, ballads, comedy and impersonations, the SOS continue to bring new meaning to the word “variety” with enough energy to set seven stages ablaze. Like a chameleon, the SOS constantly changes colors throughout a performance.

The group plays every instrument in sight – horns, keyboards and guitars among many others. Every member of the SOS is an accomplished technician on several instruments. Each multi-talented member contributes his own special genius to the ensemble and the result is an explosion of musical energy guaranteed to entertain audiences around the world.

The SOS consists of the following: Tony Ruivivar, the creative leader of the group. He plays the guitar and has a warm down-home earthy voice; Bert Sagum, the spontaneous comic, who leads the SOS laugh brigade; Gary Bautista, a vocal dynamo who can render anything from Broadway to Sinatra hits (his voice can also do hundreds of impressions); Hoku Low, possessor of the crystal clear high falsetto voice and plays the bass and horns; Randy Abellar, gifted with a vocal range that is incredible and an accomplished drummer; Roy Guerzo, master keyboardist of the group and Wayne Wakai, an excellent arranger and is able to sing any vocal part from low bass to high gospel falsetto.

Thus, watching the Society of Seven and Lani Misalucha in one show together are getting more than your money’s worth. The show is highly- entertaining rich with production values and a repertoire carefully hand-picked and arranged to satisfy any type of music palette. It’s the kind of show that can be enjoyed by the entire family from six to ninety-six.

“The Society of Seven with Lani Misalucha” is produced by Rosy Cheeks Entertainment Group, Inc. composed of Mendrei and Cecile Leelin; Edwin and Lani Raquel and Noli Misalucha. Promotions, Marketing & Advertising is handled by Jackie Y. Regala and Gerry Katigbak. This is the same team responsible for the solo gigs of Lani at the posh Pasadena Civic Auditorium and the other at the Grand Olympic Auditorium.

So remember to mark your calendar! Starting Aug. 7, daily except Fridays at 3 p.m. Special promo ticket price at $29.55 plus tax. Regular price at $39.55. For more information, you may call Bally’s Las Vegas at 1-800-237-SHOW (7469) or Jackie Regala at (562) 529-8680/ (562) 787-9030.

(Ed’s note: Jackie Regala-Katigbak has been writing and doing promotions in the entertainment business since the 1980s. The past two decades saw her columns and articles published in the Philippines via the Manila Bulletin, Panorama, Manila Standard and Philippine Times Journal. Currently her articles are published by www.CarouselPinoy.com, the Asian Journal publications and in various newspapers in Southern California. For correspondence, you may send her an email at JackieRegala@verizon.net Thank you.)