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Hotdog Band with MiG Ayesa in NJ!

The Hotdog Band is a Filipino band credited with overhauling and changing the musical landscape of the Philippines in a stunning, exciting and unexpected manner.

The brothers Dennis and Rene Garcia created the legendary Hotdog band, which spawned what is now known worldwide as 'the Manila Sound'.

Crafting hit after hit after hit, Hotdog has etched an indelible mark in Philippine music history with generation/age-neutral chart toppers like Manila, Annie Batungbakal, Bongga Ka Day, Ikaw ang Miss Universe ng Buhay Ko, Pers Lab, Langit na Naman, and Behhh, Buti Nga, among others.

But beyond just dominating the music charts for decades, Hotdog's music is instrumental in bringing the quality of local pop music up to par with international standards.

The songs of Hotdog (written and produced by Dennis and Rene) heralded the beginning of Original Pilipino Music or OPM, which saw - for the first time - local songs dominating the Philippine music scene, and in the process, establishing the identity of mainstream Filipino music. Since then, the songs of Hotdog have been used in numerous movies, television and radio commercials, videoke products, cellphone ringtones, etc.

In a nation of over eighty million musically-inclined souls, Hotdog songs are probably the most recognized and revered tunes.

Hotdog also paved the way for the spectacular solo musical careers of its female singers like Ella del Rosario, Zsa Zsa Padilla and Maso Diez.

'MiG', by MiG - "I attribute my success to three elements: hard work, passion, and a little bit of luck. When I first heard about Rockstar INXS, a new reality show on CBS, I decided to audition. After years of trying to make it as solo artist, I thought this opportunity might provide my big break. Well, I didn't win the competition to be the singer for INXS… I did one better and got my very own deal with Universal Classics.

Born in the Philippines and raised in Sydney, Australia, I began playing the piano at age seven, but was quickly discouraged by my teacher, who informed me that without practice, I would never become a virtuoso. However, a chance meeting with a jazz musician opened up a world of possibilities! I was finally able to play the music I wanted, in the style I chose. I even wrote my own songs and played piano without having to perfect my Mozart! Who cares if I was never going to be a concert pianist? Stick that up your metronome, I was going to be a ROCKSTAR!

Watch them both at this opening year of 2009 with our local entertainers such as Banda K, the Pachada Band and Kim Bargamento at the Wuzz Up Asian Cuisine located at 8 Bedford Ave., Bergenfield, NJ. Tickets are $35 with light dinner. This production is brought to you by Wuzz Up Asian Cuisine in cooperation with Carousel Pinoy Entertainment. For tickets, please call: 201.310.9085 / 201.384.8888 / 201.886.8797 / 917.294.6783 / 914.498.2510 / 917.691.2335





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