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2005 Archives

Ikatlong Patimpalak ng Ginoong Pilipinas-USA

Sean Collado, Nanalo ng Walong Karangalan sa 2005 World Champtionship of Performing Arts (WCOPA)

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Mark Mejia, Nag-Release ng bagong CD album!

GMA Pinoy TV sa Los Angeles, Available na rin sa Comcast Cable Company!

Viva Hot Babes, May Mga Gustong Ipakita at Patunayan sa Publiko!

It's OK, MiG!

Dra. Vicki Belo at a Hollywood charitable event

Dayanara Torres Ibabalik Ang Naudlot na Showbiz Career!

"In the Making," "Behind The Scenes" and "Interviews" with Cabanatuan Survivors will be included in the DVD release of the film THE GREAT RAID!

Martin, Huhusgahan sa kanyang solo concert sa Rio Casino & Hotel Suites sa Las Vegas!

GMA Pinoy TV sa L.A., Mayroon Na Pero Palpak?

Wala Talaga'ng Puso Ang 'KAPAMILYA'!

"Comedy Riot Sa Amerika," Riot Talaga!

May Puso Ang Kapamilya?

Paolo Montalban, Bernardo Bernardo, Leandro at Carlo Muñoz, Ms. Lucita Soriano, at ang dating artistang si Vilma Valera, sa Gawad Parangal 2005 sa Sacramento, California

Tapatan ng S.O.P. at A.S.A.P. sa Los Angeles, Hindi Na Matutuloy! Eat Bulaga hindi rin tuloy!

Leah Navarro vs. Jukebox Queens Concert Producer

FOOTLOOSE: young hot TV stars in their theatre debuts

Wowowee, Caravan: ASAP '05 at The Buzz sa Amerika, Bogus Lang Ba?

Sharon Pa Rin Ang Nagwagi!

'Queens... On Fire' - the L.A. Version!

'Beauty Day' ni Dra. Vicki Belo sa L.A.!

Richard Gutierrez sa Premiere ng "Kung Fu Hustle"

Dessa, May Hinaing sa Ichiban!

RUSBLOOM ni Rustom Padilla, Hindi Na Siya Ang May-Ari!

Billy Crawford at EXORCIST Prequel premiere

Sharon Cuneta vs. Sarah Geronimo sa Hunyo 11 sa L.A.!

Lea Salonga, Ambisyosa sa Kanya'ng Unang Concert Tour!

Manila's rendezvous: GMA 7 at ABS-CBN malapit nang magtapat sa Estados Unidos! Jaya, binastos ako sa dressing room ng SOP! Birthday ni Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, star-studded! Christian Bautista, Naungusan Na ang Ibang Champions!

Fil-Am Singer Lalaine Scores Warner Bros. Record Deal!

2004 Archives

'The Great Raid' Moved (Again) to December 2, 2005!

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The Buzz in L.A.

"Songbird and Songwriter": First Sold-Out 2004 U.S. Concert Sizzles!

Billy Crawford Excluded at "The Exorcist IV: The Beginning"; New Album Soon to be Released in Europe

Revisiting the Dance Diva - Jocelyn Enriquez

First L.A. Concert of 2004 - an Intimate Night with Phenomenal Piolo Pascual

2003 Archives

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Carlos Morales in town

Judy Ann Santos to storm L.A.!

Celebrity L.A. Scene

By Oliver Carnay

Revisiting the Dance Diva - Jocelyn Enriquez
An exclusive Conversation with Oliver Carnay

From chartering her Billboard signature songs "Do You Miss Me", "A Little Bit of Ecstasy", "Get Into The Rhythm", through the Thunderpuss classic "When I Get Close To You" (which also nabbed No. 1 Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart for eight consecutive weeks after it hit the airwaves in May 2000), and singing for the soundtrack "If You Could Read My Mind", and also appearing in the movie "Studio 54", she re-emerged singing another soundtrack "So Fabulous, So Fierce, Freak Out! Le Freak" from the Disney movie "101 Dalmatians", Jocelyn Enriquez, the Filipina dance diva who has catapulted into fame more than anybody else in the global recording industry, is one artist who has remained humble, down to earth, strong and religious.

Jocelyn is busy as ever

Currently, newly released "Fired Up"- The Best of 90's club scene album (available on Virgin Megastores and www.musicspace.com) as seen on MTV, is hitting high marks, in which her tracks "Do You Miss Me" and her other hits are included in the album, the Filipina Dance Diva is very visible again since the release of her new hit single "All My Life" under JEM Records (her own label company, which stands for Jocelyn Enriquez - Macasadia). The Filipina Dance Diva has been making non-stop appearances all over the country.

Since her first single "All My Life" was released, it has climbed to the Billboard Dance Music/Club Play Chart, and never ceases to be on the top 20 top spot. Jocelyn has never been busier since the release of the single in February 2003. She has been making rounds around major top club spots, signing autographs and performing live on the road, in big crowds in several major events. The last one was where she headlined the yearly multi-cultural 2004 Hollywood Lunar Parade and Festival (February 4, 2004), where she sang six songs, including a highly-charged dose of two of her new energetic dance singles "Why" and "No Way, No How", complete with choreographed infectious dance moves, which she is also known for.

One good reason for revisiting Jocelyn Enriquez (after years of my constant interviews with her since she soared high in the dance club scene, as well as in the Filipino communities in U.S.) is telling the latest developments on her career --- talking about her new album, her constant love for God and family, a possibility of making a gospel album, and her new role as a businesswoman and being the role model for the kids she teaches part-time.

"For a while I questioned myself if I still want to be in the music industry. I realized, after being gone for so long, that music will be a part of my life forever," said Jocelyn Enriquez, the only Filipina singer who had hit the Number One Billboard Dance chart on numerous occasions.

"Even my son, Matthew (who is now four and a half years old), I think, loves the fact that I'm being on stage. I couldn't separate myself from it. And that's why, there is no way - - - no matter what - - - and how, I will leave the music business. Everything in my life leads to music. I think I will be in this industry forever".

Jocelyn in full control

Hence the title "No Way, No How", the carrier single of her new album "All My Life", is an expression and assurance that Jocelyn Enriquez will never leave her fans, her time with her family and most of all, praising The Lord. "This album is really spiritually driven. At one point in someone's life they have to realize that there is an Upper Person in life. God has blessed me with talented producers and great songwriters that are easy to work with. The opportunity came, and I couldn't say no. I've worked with major labels before as well as independent label companies, and this time, I want to continue what I've learned in the business. I have great connections with Nix Plateau, which is helping me promoting in radio. I have full control of my career. If something goes wrong, I don't have to point fingers. It is fully my responsibility," she mused.

Jocelyn started recording the new album in August 2002 and in February 2003, it was ready for release. From the tradition of her mega-hits, fast tracks "All My Life", "No Way, No How" and "Why", has the makings of repeating the feat of such hits "Do You Miss Me" and "A Little Bit of Ecstasy". Together with upbeat tempos "It's No Wonder", "Take My Hand", "Your Touch", "Make Me An Angel", "Walking In The Rain", and the heart-warming ballads "Miracles" and "You Alone", the album is an indication of another hit. Also included in the album are bonus tracks "No Way, No How" (JJ Flores Mix) and "Faith Home and Prayer".

Life is easier working with talented producers

In choosing the titles, Jocelyn knows what kind of song and feel of the music she wants. "I like to do positive music for my fans. For me, I have to believe and feel the songs lyrically and musically, they go hand in hand. The album took two years in the making and I've been very blessed to work with the talented Al B. Rich, a well-known producer in New York. A lot of great talents and companies are helping me like Epicenter from Modesto, Joe Granberg from Florida and San Francisco. I want to put out something positive, especially after the 9/11 tragedy." Jocelyn stated that she is also open to submissions for her next album after "All My Life" - "anything is possible as long as it has a positive message and caters to my taste."

Learning the ropes of life

In contrast to the R&B and Hip Hop which is the current trend in the music industry, Jocelyn is pretty stable and confident in her music. "It's hard to release dance music because 'the biggest thing' right now is hip hop and R&B. A lot of record labels are not biting dance music. It's hard to license dance music internationally, but we still have them around (Kylie Minogue, etc.). There will always have something for the dance club scene."

"Some people may think that the music industry is glamorous, but it's not. I was always on the road. It's hard work, Oliver! You see your family half the time. Some singers are always on the road. The true lesson that lies in being in the music industry is, this is only a job. I'm still nervous that all this can always be taken away by God any moment. I'm not here to be a Diva, and not to be catered to. I'm here as a performer for the people, serving for the community, the fans and the listeners. Because without them, if they did not enjoy what I'm giving them I wouldn't be here. In the sense I'm actually serving people with the help of the talent that God has given me. That's why it's important for me to take a break because I want to make sure that God is always with me and I also could spend time and see my son who is growing up. That's one of the reasons I decided to take a break. And this is important for me and my husband when I start hitting the road again, to balance everything … my love for my family, my music, my fans, and my relationship with God," Jocelyn explained.

Renewing their vows

Both heavily involved with their church, Jocelyn and her husband Alain just renewed their vows last January 18, 2004, after being married in a civil rite on January 18, 1999. With 350 guests and a simple ceremony, the moment was so memorable with selected friends and relatives. "We wanted to make sure we were going to do it on our fifth year, or not at all. This was actually a long planned ceremony. Alain was the one who was really crying all the time, it's so funny!" teasing her husband Alain while he looks from afar.

Alain got out of the radio business and started teaching children where Matthew goes to school. "Matthew has been going to this gym since he was eleven months and the owner was impressed with the enthusiasm and development of Matthew since he started there, and he asked me to be the Director and run another gym. I felt that it was God's calling for us. We minister three Bible verses every week which we do for the church. And so, when Jocelyn is on the road, I'll play the mother and father. It works well because Jocelyn usually works on the weekend, and when she's free she spends time with us, she also helps me out," Alain pitched in.

Relationship with God and family

"I teach voice lessons at our church, The Calvary Chapel of San Diego, which is close to our house, in Chula Vista," Jocelyn continued. "I want to give back the graces God has given me, by not only teaching voice lessons to the kids but, giving the fundamental facts ---that it is not only singing but also worshipping The Lord. My husband Alain and I really love working with kids. When we see potential in kids, we make sure they are encouraged positively. We try to be a positive role model to our son, Matthew, who is now 4 and 1/2 years old."

Son Matthew has an inclination

Talking about Matthew, Jocelyn's son has an inclination of a good singer. "It's scary because even when he was still a baby, I would sing notes to him and see if he would copy it --- and amazingly he could, and he's not out of tune! He may babble his words but he could send the notes. We don't want to limit him. If he wants to be a singer someday or whatever he wants to do in life when he grows up it will be up to him. Like I've said, the music industry has all its ups and downs. If he is in for the ride, by all means, we will support him if he could take the challenge, but we will make sure it is for the right moves. What I've learned from my parents, and what they have instilled in me is --- as long as I believe in it and am willing to struggle on it, I should go for it. If my parents are able to support me like they did, I am willing to support him all the way, too! I'll be a stage mom but it's okay (laughs!)! "

Reconnecting with her roots

In August 2003, her first single "All My Life" was released in the Philippines under Universal Records. "It's funny because, my aunt who lives in the Philippines heard the song on the radio. She called long distance to ask me if that was me on the radio. They are singing and dancing it on television, too."

In the Philippines, it is really a big step for Universal to release Jocelyn's album but Jocelyn has a big following in the Philippines, that's why she is embarking on a concert tour in Manila after finishing a couple of performances in the east coast and some parts of United States.

"I love going back home! The last time I performed in Manila was in December 2002, at the Makati Coliseum. It's so very, very special to me to perform with our fellow "kababayans". I'm just very grateful they enjoy my music that much."

Asked if she is willing to do acting on television sitcoms in the Philippines and in movies, she quickly noted, "Syempre, gusto ko 'yan! Why not! Although my "Tagalog" is not that fluent, I'm fluent in Pangasinan, but I could understand "Tagalog"! she quipped.

A positive message and a possibility of making a Christian album

"I believe that God has put me into this line of work for a good reason, and I'm here to serve Him. If I have all the opportunity to serve God and the people through my songs, I'll do it. It is very possible that I'll do Christian songs. There is so much negativity in the world and we need all the positive reinforcement in this world. Everything here is just temporary, and if I could share all my blessings by making positive music, I'm definitely in for it."

Browse and listen to Jocelyn Enriquez's latest cuts in the new album at www.jocelynenriquez.com and check out updates for her upcoming tour (Note: On April 14th she will be singing the National Anthem at the new PETCO PARK in San Diego, California before the Padres/Dodgers Game) and other personal appearances through her web site.

(All photos by Oliver Carnay except "Jocelyn with Alain and Matthew", courtesy of Eric Sueyoshi of Audrey Magazine. More pics from 2004 Lunar Parade at www.picturetrail.com/olivercarnayphotos )

First L.A. concert in 2004 - an Intimate Night with Phenomenal Piolo Pascual

The Christmas madness is over, but the insanity in L.A. is still around the corner. But was it just because of Piolo Pascual, the phenomenal star (and the most popular among The Hunks) that triggered the success of the concert held at the 300 capacity Barnsdall Gallery Theatre last January 3, 2004, which created pandemonium among concert goers, or the "midas touch" of Vic Perez of V Entertainment Group which made it to a full house (considering the ticket was strictly $75 and $65, no more- no less per person)?

Don't mind if L.A. Coucilman Eric Garcetti did not pay attention to the technical aspects of the small gallery theatre and instead threw unnecessary efforts in landscaping the so-called "newly renovated" Gallery, as he was bragging about last October (one would almost fall into the cliff if you slide a bit more when parking your car, and the last time we watched 'Dekada '70' at the same theatre, it was as darker than when I screened "Kristo: The Movie" seven years ago!). The seats were comfortably new, but they should have paid attention more to the sound and lighting systems which have irked the performers.

But professionals as they were, front acts Marilyn Batino and singer/comedian Joseph Gelito, "Three of A Kind" (Gelo Francisco and Edward Granadosin, minus Annie Nepomuceno, who is having an extended rendezvous in Manila), with the energetic Rachel Alejandro, and main star of the show, Piolo Pascual, ensued the venue's shortcomings.

Young and olds, gays and gals, flocked to see Piolo Pascual and Friends' New Year Special, produced by Maicor Entertainment (headed by very accommodating Myla Cortez). The intimate atmosphere and Piolo Pascual's assurance --- "I won't leave after the show until each and everyone gets an autograph!" was enough to tame the persistent crowd, all trying to get a close-up look of the main star.

Rachel Alejandro, a good dancer herself, is one hell of a performer! Give her any song and she'll interpret it with an awesome delightfulness. I must admit that I wasn't a fan of her, until I saw and heard her rendition of "What I Did for Love", years ago during GMA 7's Bahaghari Awards, which I attended in Manila. Through the years, whether she sings ballad, pop, hip-hop, or any fast song, Rachel has never been better, giving out her 100% best performance every time I see her onstage, in any big or small venue. With or without back-up dancers, she fills the stage with so much presence, bravura performance!

The perfectionist Rachel Alejandro deserves a career in the mainstream. And this is why she's currently focused on embarking a new career in the U.S., her new home-base. Rachel, who is coming out with a new album soon in Manila (which includes her signature songs "Kay Tagal", "Nakapagtataka", and "Paalam Na"), will be recording her first mainstream album in New York.

Rachel introduced Piolo Pascual as the "mysterious" star of the decade - last year's Best Supporting Actor Grandslam Winner (for "Dekada '70), and the most successful actor and recording artist among his contemporaries.

His presence was enough to cheer the crowd, but one of the best highlights of the show, giving goose bumps and sobs from the audience, was when Piolo called his mom, Amy, and serenaded her with his mom's favorite song "Walang Hanggan" ("Dekada '70's theme song popularized by Wency Cornejo). Of course, tears broke loose! Who could be more proud and happier, "The most important person in my life is my mom and this song is for her… I admit I'm a 'mama's boy' --- but I'm not a 'bading'" Piolo clarified.

Cheers went on when Piolo assured that there will be a new television soap series and a new movie together with favorite partner Judy Ann Santos after the showing of "Milan" (a movie with Claudine Barretto, which will also have a star-studded Premiere in San Francisco this January).

Piolo also announced (for the first time) that he is finally giving in to ABS-CBN Talent Center's insisting demand of having a big concert in April 2004 (perhaps at the Araneta Coliseum). He added that he is coming out with a new birthday CD album (his birthday is January 12, and yes, he's a Capricorn!) when he returns to Manila (he left Sunday January 4 from L.A.) which will be celebrated at ASAP.

A certified actor, singer, recording star, matinee idol, commercial model and product endorser, Piolo Pascual's successful career rose in a short span of time. Piolo Pascual takes 'em all, in any medium of entertainment. Judging from his busy schedules, Piolo will continue to be one of the most important actor in the Philippines and take greater heights in his singing career.

If the success of the first Filipino concert of the year in L.A. is an indication of a more fruitful concert scene, then it's a good head-start of more upcoming big events for the rest of the year. Major concerts in line for the first quarter are (in random order): Aga Muhlach with South Border plus Carol Banawa and Angela Velez on January 17; Vernie Varga with David Pomeranz on Valentine's Day; Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid on March 20; Vina Morales and Carlos Agassi on March 13; "Showdown" with Rachel Alejandro and Geneva Cruz with 98 Degrees' Jeff Timmons on February 21; Nora Aunor with Kuh Ledesma; Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado; and Zsa Zsa Padilla with comedy King Dolphy, to name a few…!

(More pics by Oliver Carnay, from Piolo Pascual and Friends concert at www.picturetrail.com/olivercarnayphotos. E-mail at carnay25@hotmail.com)

OLIVER CARNAY regularly writes for BALITA MEDIA, INC. ("Balita USA", "Weekend Balita" and "Go4Women Magazine", available online at http://www.balita.com/ and www.Go4Women.com), ASIAN-AMERICAN PEOPLE'S JOURNAL (circulated in northern and southern part of California), Philippine and other Asian Headline newspaper – circulated in Sacramento, San Francisco and its vicinities) also published in northern and southern parts of California. In San Diego, he writes for FAME Magazine and PHILIPPINES TODAY. In New York, he writes for PLANET PHILIPPINES, with an online version at http://www.carouselpinoy.com/. He is a also contributor for BUZZINE Magazine (www.buzzine.com), AUDREY Magazine (www.audreymagazine.com), an occasional correspondent for www.siklab.com, PARA TODOS Magazine, and other L.A. based publications. He is the Los Angeles correspondent of Global Pinoy Entertainment Corporation (GPEC) which publishes S Magazine (circulated in Manila, all over the United States and other parts of the world) and PINOY GAZETTE (published in Hong Kong, Japan, and its vicinities). He is an active member of the National Press Photography Association (N.P.P.A.), Press Photography Association of Greater Los Angeles (P.P.A.G.L.A.-see www.ppagla.org for member listings), and is under the directory list of the Motion Picture Association of America (M.P.A.A.) covering movie Premieres and other Hollywood events. More recent news and Photo Galleries of Hollywood and local Fil-Am events recently covered can be seen at his new web site http://www.hollywoodflip.com/. Besides being busy maintaining his web site and writing for domestic and international publications, Oliver Carnay manages Talents, is also a Publicist and an event organizer. Email him at carnay25@yahoo.com or at webmaster@HOLLYWOODFLIP.com