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2005 Archives

Ikatlong Patimpalak ng Ginoong Pilipinas-USA

Sean Collado, Nanalo ng Walong Karangalan sa 2005 World Champtionship of Performing Arts (WCOPA)

Panawagan ng producers at stars ng "Comedy Riot Sa Amerika"!

Mark Mejia, Nag-Release ng bagong CD album!

GMA Pinoy TV sa Los Angeles, Available na rin sa Comcast Cable Company!

Viva Hot Babes, May Mga Gustong Ipakita at Patunayan sa Publiko!

It's OK, MiG!

Dra. Vicki Belo at a Hollywood charitable event

Dayanara Torres Ibabalik Ang Naudlot na Showbiz Career!

"In the Making," "Behind The Scenes" and "Interviews" with Cabanatuan Survivors will be included in the DVD release of the film THE GREAT RAID!

Martin, Huhusgahan sa kanyang solo concert sa Rio Casino & Hotel Suites sa Las Vegas!

GMA Pinoy TV sa L.A., Mayroon Na Pero Palpak?

Wala Talaga'ng Puso Ang 'KAPAMILYA'!

"Comedy Riot Sa Amerika," Riot Talaga!

May Puso Ang Kapamilya?

Paolo Montalban, Bernardo Bernardo, Leandro at Carlo Muñoz, Ms. Lucita Soriano, at ang dating artistang si Vilma Valera, sa Gawad Parangal 2005 sa Sacramento, California

Tapatan ng S.O.P. at A.S.A.P. sa Los Angeles, Hindi Na Matutuloy! Eat Bulaga hindi rin tuloy!

Leah Navarro vs. Jukebox Queens Concert Producer

FOOTLOOSE: young hot TV stars in their theatre debuts

Wowowee, Caravan: ASAP '05 at The Buzz sa Amerika, Bogus Lang Ba?

Sharon Pa Rin Ang Nagwagi!

'Queens... On Fire' - the L.A. Version!

'Beauty Day' ni Dra. Vicki Belo sa L.A.!

Richard Gutierrez sa Premiere ng "Kung Fu Hustle"

Dessa, May Hinaing sa Ichiban!

RUSBLOOM ni Rustom Padilla, Hindi Na Siya Ang May-Ari!

Billy Crawford at EXORCIST Prequel premiere

Sharon Cuneta vs. Sarah Geronimo sa Hunyo 11 sa L.A.!

Lea Salonga, Ambisyosa sa Kanya'ng Unang Concert Tour!

Manila's rendezvous: GMA 7 at ABS-CBN malapit nang magtapat sa Estados Unidos! Jaya, binastos ako sa dressing room ng SOP! Birthday ni Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, star-studded! Christian Bautista, Naungusan Na ang Ibang Champions!

Fil-Am Singer Lalaine Scores Warner Bros. Record Deal!

2004 Archives

'The Great Raid' Moved (Again) to December 2, 2005!

Holiday Thoughts from Ruffa

Piolo rocks Hollywood Palladium

16th Annual Reflections Awards in L.A.

An Exclusive Interview with Jim Brickman

Freestyle, Jaya, Basil, at Carol "Trick or Treat" Concert sa Los Angeles!

BosPoker.Com Launch Tournament @ Exclusive Mansion in Beverly Hills

Fourth Annual Filipino-American Library Benefit Gala

Night of the Champions in SFO with Erik Santos

Where are they now?

Ruffa Gives Birth to Venicia Loran Bektas

A Fan Questioning Yilmaz!

At the Jubilee Theater: Sometimes 'Originals' Are Not the Best

Ballad Hitmakers Still Radiate!

RUSBLOOM Shop Unveiled in Panorama City

Lorin Turns One!

Gary V Hits Shrine to the Hilt!

"Power of Two" Nora-Kuh concert at Hollywood Palladium!

The Buzz in L.A.

"Songbird and Songwriter": First Sold-Out 2004 U.S. Concert Sizzles!

Billy Crawford Excluded at "The Exorcist IV: The Beginning"; New Album Soon to be Released in Europe

Revisiting the Dance Diva - Jocelyn Enriquez

First L.A. Concert of 2004 - an Intimate Night with Phenomenal Piolo Pascual

2003 Archives

Martin and Pops' 2003 U.S. Concert Tour kicks off in Los Angeles with a big bang!

Maximedia USA's second tour offering, the unbeatable "Martin-Pops" tandem!

Gina Alajar and Charles R. Uy Receive Recognition at 2nd Cinema Indio Festival

From Ruffa with Love

A Sad Thing Happened On My Way Out from the FPAC!

Ruffa leaves Los Angeles for a home in Turkey!

L.A. Blind Items!

Vina on top!

Ramon "Bong" Revilla honored by Motion Picture Association

L.A. Concerts and what's new with TF?

Ruffa's L.A. birthday celebration!

Carol-Ogie and Lani with Basil, deja vu?

A Baby Shower for Ruffa!

An open letter from Ruffa's husband: Yilmaz Bektas

Rediscovering Aiza Seguerra

Conversations with Ruffa Gutierrez: the wedding invitation

Judy Ann, Robin, and Rustom show at Orpheum Theater a big success!

A Close-Up Look: Conversations with Judy Ann Santos

Jocelyn Enriquez releases new album, "All My Life"

Carlos Morales in town

Judy Ann Santos to storm L.A.!

Celebrity L.A. Scene

By Oliver Carnay

A Sad Thing Happened On My Way Out from the FPAC!

With such powerful talents on a Sunday afternoon: Rachel Alejandro on stage with the amazing kid, Monica Parales, the funnyman Rex Navarette and rappers Native Guns, the incomparable Joe Bataan, and so many artists who made this two-day 12th annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, I was sure this would be a most memorable one.

Other stars, such as Paolo Montalban (who performed on Saturday) and Joanne Bacalso ("Snow Dogs", "My Baby's Mama") were also some of the talents who spent the whole day there last Saturday.

Other Filipino artists and celebrities who lent support and enjoyed this day, included former Miss-Asia U.S.A., (the very preggy) Feilani Bennett, who tagged along Griffin Guttierez, an upcoming star who is slowly making a name in the soap "Y&R"; MTV VJ Giselle Tongi also offered to co-emcee and support her good friend, Festival Chairman Winston Emano; Manila-based actor Allan Paule, who was in town for just a week's vacation, chose to check out and mingle with the crowd. I saw Sumi Haro and Noel Alumit who were in the guest panel under the Arts booth.

For a time, I was hooked up listening to Poetry Slam in one corner; then my feet were glued to the Goldilocks tent for the Cooking Seminar, where you can savor the delicious "crispy egg roll" and the fresh turon, cooked right before your eyes. From the adjacent corner, you could smell other served menus on several stalls catered by some of the popular Filipino restaurants in L.A.

In short, it was good to know that there was so much to see and do at this festival.

Although I would like to congratulate this event, I was disappointed that the security guards were so rude. I am saddened that a certain "Keoni" (with a goatee!), who claimed that he is "the God of the festival" treated us like criminals. We were verbally harassed and assaulted, so much so that I will have second thoughts of coming to this festival again.

Here is what happened: At about 5:00 PM, I asked my friend Vic Perez to wait for me because I needed to share a ride home with him. Suddenly, two vanguards approached us and told us we had to leave the park immediately. Why? It was because Vic Perez was previously reprimanded for distributing flyers of another upcoming Filipino event.

I politely asked the two vanguards to just wait awhile because I was just waiting for another friend, Ms. Lou Sabas (an entertainment editor of another Fil-Am newspaper). But the two insisted that we had to leave the premises right away, and that they needed to escort us to our car, because they said Vic was selling tickets (which Vic denied). They told us that distribution of flyers, not associated to the event (and by someone who did not pay for a booth), was not allowed at this event.

Vic explained that when they told him to stop distributing flyers, he immediately obliged. And he told them that a lady had asked where she could buy the tickets, so he gave her the flyer. But the two guys did not want to listen to our explanation and just wanted to drag us out right away, never mind about the onlookers around us.

We were only a few yards away from the main stage, so we had to call our good friend, Mr. Winston Emano (the Festival Chairman), to explain the situation. Mr. Emano had to tell the two guards that it was OK for him to distribute flyers, as long as he doesn't sell tickets. The vanguards left us, only after Mr. Emano reiterated that "He is the Chairman of the Festival".

As we were stopping to wait for our driver, right at the corner, out from the park, a rude and "power-tripping" vanguard named "Keoni" (who said he is also a Filipino) who was with another security guy, approached us and told us (again), that "we have to leave the premises" immediately! He claimed that we "disrespected the FPAC", that "solicitation is prohibited by law", and blah, blah, blah. I told him that the park is for the public, anyway, and we should not be harassed like this, especially by a common Filipino like him. He was not courteous enough, and even threatened to call the Sheriff Department, to make sure we get what we deserve, like it was a major crime he commited.

Vic asked him why such "aggressiveness" about all this, the "attitude" and rudeness, and "Why, do you own this festival?" He (Keoni) sarcastically answered, "Yes, I'm the God of this Festival!" And even spelled out his name "K-E-O-N-I", when we asked what his name was (believe me, the arrogance!) More confrontation followed, which prompted Vic to call the Festival Director, Christiebelle L. Villena, to rush to the scene. The festival director said, "what they told me, was you were selling tickets!"

We told the festival director that we meant no harm, and we do not deserve this kind of treatment (being humiliated and treated like criminals), because in this small world, we Filipinos, should be having good camaraderie and spreading "harmony" towards each other, and not receiving such "attitude", because we also do events for the Filipino community, and we understand how some would give out flyers every time there is a Filipino event (to think this event was held in a public park!).

Even though I told Keoni, that I write for several publications, and that somehow, I have helped promote this particular festival, and that in the past, the Chairman and I had a good relationship, and that in this world of entertainment, people know how to "give and take", he told us that "Mr. Emano has nothing to do with the situation".

We left the (open-public) park feeling harassed, agitated, angry, and humiliated, wondering if he really works for the FPAC (since he charged that "we disrespected the FPAC"), or he works for the Recreation Park itself (from where he is getting the command!), or was he a former Rampart Police Officer. I do not know who should be responsible for this unpleasant experience, but I hope this won't happen again to our other Filipino people.

I thought of the mission statement of the FPAC, but unfortunately, Keoni forgot about the word "harmony" and "pagkakaisa" (hindi ba ito dapat "bigayan"?), which I guess is this year's theme. I hope next year, whoever is responsible for the festival, the securities have better understanding who should really be in charge, so as not to have misunderstanding and miscommunication.

I've been to many events and I have never felt so humiliated like this. Unless I hear a word of apology from that certain "Keoni", "the God of the festival", I guess there is no point of cheering for the next FPAC, nor coming back to Point Fermin.

(Pics from this event are available at www.picturetrail.com/olivercarnayphotos. E-mail comments at carnay25@hotmail.com!)

Ruffa leaves Los Angeles for a home in Turkey!

Ever since I set up the web sites for ruffababyshower and ruffasbirthday, thousands of fans have viewed and signed on the sites. It is overwhelming to know that up to this date, they are continuously being flocked upon by numerous friends (and foes!), constantly leaving messages for Ruffa.

Anyway, Ruffa Gutierrez left Los Angeles for Istanbul, Turkey last Monday (August 25) at 2:55 PM, together with her family, Tita Annabelle, Tito Eddie Gutierrez, and Jun Lalin, the family's PR Manager (the last three will stay there until September 5 and be back in Los Angeles on September 6).

At their Turkey home, where Yilmaz is busy attending to their businesses, Ruffa will continue to breastfeed Princess Bektas and will be attended by two housemaids (one Filipina and one Turkish) to assist her daily needs.

Although, Ruffa, Yilmaz, and Gabriella Lorin Bektas will be staying in Turkey for two months, they will be in Manila in December for a Christmas vacation.

Contrary to reports that Ruffa was given a $1 million for her baby's expenses, by her mother-in-law, Nurhan (who is eagerly waiting to see "Gaby"), the amount is yet to be set up as a trust fund, after the two families meet in Istanbul. Princess Gaby will receive the amount when she turns 18.

Yilmaz wished for Baby Lorin's privacy (strongly refusing to take a picture of her) but Ruffa and I had a pictorial session at Baby Bektas' room (designed by Hollywood baby decorator Sherwin "James" Ulit), including some segments of their ($10,000.00/month) Marina del Rey condo last Sunday before they left. Browse the pics at www.picturetrail.com/olivercarnayphotos.

L.A. Blind Items (Volume 2):

Blind item #1: Contrary to reports that this young singer-actress is leaving show business (at the prime of her career) and has to migrate to the U.S. with her family because she has to attend a "family problem" and at the same time pursue her career, this multi-talented television soap star is actually getting married next month (!), here in Los Angeles. But rumors are hastily spreading that her soon to be mother-in-law (who is into selling realty), where they will be staying, is besieged of surmountable debts, and is closed to being imprisoned.

Blind item #2: A friend is wondering how this Manila-based sexy singer can manage to check in and stay longer at a posh-five-star hotel in Westwood, considering her shows (as one of the guest singers) in all her shows in the Filipino communities around California wasn't that much as a pay fee. She is currently working her way to "penetrate" the Hollywood industry by posing nude, after her manager announces that she's getting rid of her.

Blind item #3: This concert line-producer/director slowly made his (her) way into the local market, constantly having been in demand in managing concert shows, not only in L.A., but also in other parts of U.S. His (her) perseverance and dedication in work paved connections in different places, and other race cultural shows, leaving worried colleagues to stop doing the same thing, because they think were "nasusulot" with upcoming projects?

Blind item #4: Claimed to be pushy and aggressive with her career, this ambitious actress has always been known for keeping an edge over her contemporaries, having done almost everything with regards to her career in the Philippines. She's keen on developing her international stardom by even migrating to the U.S. But some people are wondering if this lesbian whom she is constantly being seen with, helps her out financially, considering it's really hard "to live and die in L.A.", especially if she doesn't have a stable job. Some people are betting that it's part of her plan.

(All photos by Oliver Carnay for International Artists. E-mail comments at carnay25@hotmail.com)

OLIVER CARNAY regularly writes for BALITA MEDIA, INC. ("Balita USA", "Weekend Balita" and "Go4Women Magazine", available online at http://www.balita.com/ and www.Go4Women.com), ASIAN-AMERICAN PEOPLE'S JOURNAL (circulated in northern and southern part of California), Philippine and other Asian Headline newspaper – circulated in Sacramento, San Francisco and its vicinities) also published in northern and southern parts of California. In San Diego, he writes for FAME Magazine and PHILIPPINES TODAY. In New York, he writes for PLANET PHILIPPINES, with an online version at http://www.carouselpinoy.com/. He is a also contributor for BUZZINE Magazine (www.buzzine.com), AUDREY Magazine (www.audreymagazine.com), an occasional correspondent for www.siklab.com, PARA TODOS Magazine, and other L.A. based publications. He is the Los Angeles correspondent of Global Pinoy Entertainment Corporation (GPEC) which publishes S Magazine (circulated in Manila, all over the United States and other parts of the world) and PINOY GAZETTE (published in Hong Kong, Japan, and its vicinities). He is an active member of the National Press Photography Association (N.P.P.A.), Press Photography Association of Greater Los Angeles (P.P.A.G.L.A.-see www.ppagla.org for member listings), and is under the directory list of the Motion Picture Association of America (M.P.A.A.) covering movie Premieres and other Hollywood events. More recent news and Photo Galleries of Hollywood and local Fil-Am events recently covered can be seen at his new web site http://www.hollywoodflip.com/. Besides being busy maintaining his web site and writing for domestic and international publications, Oliver Carnay manages Talents, is also a Publicist and an event organizer. Email him at carnay25@yahoo.com or at webmaster@HOLLYWOODFLIP.com