For Immediate Release
November 15, 2013
Tel: 848.467.4341/908.327.4036
E-mail: robertbresenhanjr@gmail.com

Rahway, NJ Responds to Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda

In response to the recent tragic events in the Philippines, Rahway Councilman Robert Bresenhan, Jr. has announced “Rahway Responds,” an all- volunteer, in-kind coordinated humanitarian relief effort. Councilman Bresenhan is partnering with the Rahway Fire Department, Rahway Fire Chief William R. Young and other area organizations to collect much needed canned goods and vital supplies for residents of the Philippines' disaster areas resulting from Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

Union and Middlesex county residents are invited to bring donated items that will be delivered to the disaster zones of the Philippines. The overall effort is being orchestrated by Rev. Roy B. Regaspi of St. Vincent de Paul Church, Bayonne; Rev. John Corbett, director Stella Maris Church and the Apostleship of the Sea, Port Newark; Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro; Osaka Shipping providing the cargo container and transportation and Eastern Warehousing as well as volunteer members of the International Longshoremen's Association providing the labor to load and stow the container. The items collected will be transported via an ocean cargo container and delivered to the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) at Manila on or about January 8, 2014.

The Rahway Fire Department Headquarters at 1300 Main Street (across from Rahway City Hall) will be accepting specific items for donation Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm and Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The collection will commence on Friday, November 15, 2013 with the last day of collection Friday, November 29, 2013.

The items being collected include: canned Food (preferably ready to eat i.e. peanut butter, canned meats, sardines, instant soups and noodles, shelf stable milk, rice, etc…); plastic cutlery; paper plates; paper napkins; new apparel; mosquito repellent; antifungal medication; flashlights; batteries; vitamins; nutritional supplements; baby diapers, wipes, towels, food and formula; toiletries; wound dressing; buckets; cleaning items; feminine hygiene products; transistor radios; disinfectants; hand tools; soap; shampoo; toothpaste; tooth brushes; plastic sheeting/tarps; detergents; general medical supplies, pain relievers and various over the counter medications (at least one year from expiration); garbage bags; water purifier tablets; water containers; tents and other temporary shelters; freshly laundered and clean blankets; clean sheets and clean towels; pillows; pots; pans; cooking utensils and power generators among other items. As a reminder no aerosols, flammables or corrosives such as bleach will be accepted. Please call or email Councilman Bresenhan at 848 467 4341 or robertbresenhanjr@gmail.com with any questions or ideas.


Pinay Participants Needed for Health Research Study

NEW YORK, NY - The NYC Filipino Immigrant Health Project is recruiting study participants to learn how to prevent diabetes in the Filipino community. If you are interested in participating in a brief survey to help us learn more about how we can prevent diabetes in our community, please contact us! To be eligible to participate, you must:

  1. Be female.

  2. Be 35-55 years old.

  3. Have a sister living in the Philippines

  4. Have immigrated to the U.S. 1998 or later.

  5. Not have diabetes

Here is an abstract of what the study is about:

Filipinos living in the US face an unusually high burden of chronic illness such as stroke and heart disease. Studies show that diabetes risk among Filipinos is up to 4 times higher than it is among white adults in the US. Partnering with researchers at the University of the Philippines, we are creating a study that compares the development of diabetes in US Filipina immigrants and their sisters living in the Philippines. The broad goal of this study is to understand whether transition into US society causes the increased diabetes risk seen in US Filipinos. If so, we want to learn how and why that happens. There are two specific aims: 1) To find out whether Filipina immigrants living in the US develop diabetes faster than their sisters living in the Philippines. 2) To understand the way lifestyle changes that come with moving to the US (like changes in diet, physical activity, and work-related stress) play a role in increasing diabetes risk. A better understanding of the key factors affecting onset of diabetes in Filipino immigrants is important for creating effective chronic disease prevention programs for Filipinos living in the US and other migrant populations across the globe.

Contact: Katrina Badiola, Study Coordinator
SUNY Downstate School of Public Health



Mga Masigasig na Amerikanong Social Media Publishers Tinanggap ang Hamon ng Biyahe sa Taiwan

LOS ANGELES, CA. Mayo XX, 2012 – Limang Amerikanong travel social media publishers ang naimbitahan sa Taiwan, The Heart of Asia, ng Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) ngayong Hunyo 2012 upang gumala ng malaya sa isla at ipamahagi ang kanilang araw-araw na masayang pakikipag-sapalaran sa pamamagitan ng world wide web sa mga libo-libong nilang fans mula sa iba’t-ibang bahagi ng mundo, mga kaibigan at mga kamag-anak. Mula sa iba’t-ibang age groups at karanasan sa biyahe, ang limang Amerikanong travel social media publishers na ito ay hinamon na gumawa ng kani-kanilang travel itineraries ayon sa kultura, kulinarya at maluhong pamumuhay sa Taiwan.

Ang masayang pakikipag-sapalaran ay magsisimula sa ika-27 ng Mayo kasama si Matt Gibson, isang travel blogger, writer at photographer. Kasama din si Kristin Mock, isang post-graduate na estudyante mula sa University of Arizona. Ang dalawa ay handa nang lakbayin ang mga cycling routes, subukan ang mga kakaibang gawain sa tabing-dagat at puntahan ang mga destinasyon na pang-kultura at pang-kulinarya na kanilang pinili.

Sa Hunyo naman, si Lance Crisler, isang assistant professor ng Chinese culture at cinema sa University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) ay magtutungo sa mga makasaysayang museo at templo sa loob ng anim na araw batay sa kaniyang itineraryo.

Ang dalawa pang naimbitahan na social media publishers na magtutungo sa Taiwan ay sina Helen Hernandez at Bennet Root, mga executives ng North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA). Sila ay pupunta sa Taiwan na naka-backpack at handang maranasan ang mamuhay tulad ng mga lokal na tao. Sasakay sila sa mga high-speed trains at local shuttles upang makita ang iba’t-ibang sulok ng Formosa Island. Sa kanilang pag-balik sa America, balak nilang ipamalita ang kanilang biyahe sa iba’t-ibang lugar nang Taiwan sa annual conference ng NATJA sa darating na Oktubre 2012.

“We are living in the fast-moving digital era with growing numbers of independent travelers wanting to search for their own unique travel destinations,” sabi ni Trust Lin, Director ng Taiwan Tourism Bureau sa Los Angeles office. “Taiwan warmly welcomes this growing group of online travelers from different age groups and travel backgrounds because their free spirits mirrors our island’s independent philosophy for the past 100 years and counting.”

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon tungkol sa Taiwan, maaring mag-tungo sa www.taiwan.net.tw or www.go2taiwan.net


A New Capital of Call Centers
by Vikas Bajaj
The New York Times

MANILA — Americans calling the customer service lines of their airlines, phone companies and banks are now more likely to speak to Mark in Manila than Bharat in Bangalore.

Over the last several years, a quiet revolution has been reshaping the call center business: the rise of the Philippines, a former United States colony that has a large population of young people who speak lightly accented English and, unlike many Indians, are steeped in American culture.

People Support workers in Makati City, near Manila. About 400,000
Filipinos work in call centers, roughly 50,000 more than in India.

More Filipinos — about 400,000 — than Indians now spend their nights talking to mostly American consumers, industry officials said, as companies like AT&T, JPMorgan Chase and Expedia have hired call centers here, or built their own. The jobs have come from the United States, Europe and, to some extent, India as outsourcers followed their clients to the Philippines.

India, where offshore call centers first took off in a big way, fields as many as 350,000 call center agents, according to some industry estimates. The Philippines, which has a population one-tenth as big as India’s, overtook India this year, according to Jojo Uligan, executive director of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines.

The growing preference for the Philippines reflects in part the maturation of the outsourcing business and in part a preference for American English. In the early days, the industry focused simply on finding and setting up shop in countries with large English-speaking populations and low labor costs, which mostly led them to India. But executives say they are now increasingly identifying places best suited for specific tasks. India remains the biggest destination by far for software outsourcing, for instance.

Executives say the growth was not motivated by wage considerations. Filipino call center agents typically earn more than their Indian counterparts ($300 a month, rather than $250, at the entry level), but executives say they are worth the extra cost because American customers find them easier to understand than they do Indian agents, who speak British-style English and use unfamiliar idioms. Indians, for example, might say, “I will revert on the same,” rather than, “I will follow up on that.”

Filipinos like these at People Support are more
familiar with American culture than Indians are.

It helps that Filipinos learn American English in the first grade, eat hamburgers, follow the N.B.A. and watch the TV show “Friends” long before they enter a call center. In India, by contrast, public schools introduce British English in the third grade, only the urban elite eat American fast food, cricket is the national pastime and “Friends” is a teaching aid for Indian call center trainers. English is an official language in both countries.

The Philippines has “a unique combination of Eastern, attentive hospitality and attitude of care and compassion mixed with what I call Americanization,” said Aparup Sengupta, chief executive of Aegis Global, an outsourcing firm based in Mumbai, India, that acquired Manila-based People Support in 2008 and now employs nearly 13,000 Filipinos. American companies are reluctant to discuss their outsourcing strategies, but privately some executives acknowledged that early on, they focused primarily on saving money. But as they gained experience in different countries, they realized that was not the best strategy.

“Certain phrases people use and idioms are important,” said an executive at a large American company that handles service calls through the Philippines. He spoke on the condition that he and his firm not be identified. “We are getting better at it, but of course it is still a hot button.”

Analysts said call centers in the Philippines appeared to have helped American businesses respond to complaints from consumers who said they could not understand Indian agents. But it is unlikely to satisfy critics who say outsourcing is sending too many jobs abroad as millions of Americans struggle to find work.

This year, for instance, US Airways stopped outsourcing customer service to Manila and hired 400 agents in Arizona, California and North Carolina as part of an agreement with the Communications Workers of America union.

Some American companies like Delta Airlines have said they moved call centers back to the United States to appease angry customers who wanted better English. Entry-level American call center agents earn about $20,000 a year, about five times as much as similar agents in the Philippines and six times as much as Indian agents.

Nevertheless, the financial benefits of outsourcing remain strong enough that the call center business is growing at 25 to 30 percent a year here in the Philippines, compared to 10 to 15 percent in India, according to Salil Dani, research director at the Everest Group, a firm that tracks the market.

American outsourcing or back-end companies like I.B.M., Accenture and Convergys along with Indian firms like Aegis, Infosys and Tech Mahindra have thousands of employees working from gleaming glass towers and even inside malls, which executives say young workers prefer so they can be close to shops and restaurants.

In addition to language skills, the Philippines has better utility infrastructure than India — so companies spend little on generators and diesel fuel. Also, cities here are safer and have better public transportation, so employers do not have to bus employees to and from work as they do in India.

Many of the workers are like Mark, 26, who answers tech support calls from employees of an American chemical company. He studied engineering but dropped out of college to support his parents and two younger siblings. He now makes 26,000 pesos ($600) a month, about the same as his father, who has a small school-bus business. (The average Filipino family earns 17,000 pesos a month.)

He spoke on the condition that his full name and the name of his employer were not revealed because he was not authorized to talk to reporters. His office is in a new development known as Eastwood City, east of Manila that, locals said, used to be fields a few years ago. Now, it is home to companies like I.B.M. and Dell, and has McDonald’s, Starbucks and bars where happy hour starts at 6 a.m. for call center workers who want a beer after their shift.

A light moment inside the People Support office. AT&T, JP
Morgan Chase and Expedia use Philippine call centers.

Mark is trim and has sharp features. He wears stylish canvas shoes and a striped shirt. His accent is more middle America than eastern Manila. He said his parents made him watch American movies and TV shows, read English books and speak the language starting at age 5. Still, he said he was fired from his first call center job after just two weeks because customers said they could not understand him.

“Sometimes, they would insist on being transferred to an American agent,” he said. “After a year, I was able to speak in an accent that they would like to hear.”

But now he is tiring of answering phones and is thinking about trying his hand at acting because he has a little money in the bank and his siblings have college degrees and are working.

The call center boom has also benefitted his country, previously a laggard among Southeast Asia’s tiger economies — its most popular exports were nurses. Last year, revenue from outsourcing, which also includes things like health insurance processing, animation development and software programming, totaled $9 billion, or 4.5 percent of the Philippine gross domestic product, up from virtually nothing in 2000. The government has tried to support the industry with tax breaks and subsidies.

In spite of its recent growth, the Philippines is a much smaller destination for outsourcing more broadly — India earns about 10 times as much revenue from outsourcing. That is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future given India’s 1.2 billion people, 31 percent of whom are 14 years old or younger. (The Philippines has 93 million people, about 35 percent of them 14 or younger.)

Executives expect the Philippines to continue growing at a fast pace and move up to higher-value services like accounting or the processing of insurance claims. But, like India, companies are grappling with higher costs and losing their best workers because of high domestic inflation and a shortage of skilled professionals. In the last two years, the Philippine peso climbed nearly 10 percent against the dollar, to 42.14, before weakening recently.

If the peso appreciates to 35 to the dollar, many of the call centers in the Philippines will not survive, said Narasimha Murthy, president of HGS USA, the American arm of an Indian outsourcing company that employs 4,000 people here. But things look upbeat for now, and Mr. Murthy was recently in Manila with a prospective American client.

Five years ago, he said, many clients would ask him if customer calls could be handled in the Philippines. “From that,” he said, “it has gone to ‘How well will you do it?’ ”

Neha Thirani contributed reporting from Mumbai, India.



Text and Photos by Richard M. Reyes

FLUSHING, NEW YORK – For 10 singers, Saturday, July 30, 2011 was the time for truth. Having passed the preliminaries, director Ruel “Ahwel” Paz a DZMM/ABS-CBN entertainment personality, reminded the finalists that everyone was “already a winner.” Although Permanent Representative of the Philippines to the United Nations, Libran N. Cabactulan, could not make it to the finals personally, he reminds us [Filipinos] that “the distinguishing mark of the global Filipino artist that enables him or her to stand should-to-shoulder with the world’s best” is “vocal prowess…innate musicality and artistry…” and he underscores and appreciates “the discipline and hard work needed for these talents to flourish.” He closes by reminding the finalists that “everyone involved in this event sees more success and greater achievements in the future.”

The 10 finalists of the World Caravan Global Pinoy Singing Idol: Cynthia Reyes, Eric Garzon, Bryan de Leon, Criselda Bernardo, Darryl Margallo, Christina Cancio, Michelle Semana, Edmerald Gan, Chel Castillo, and MJ Cruzada.

Special guest performers: Rachel Alejandro and Gabby Concepcion were present to support the finalists and wow the crowd with OPM (Original Pilipino Music) and international chart busters. Judge Rhona Amorado opened the contest with song and co-host JR Lavarro performed as well.

World Caravan Global Pinoy Singing Idol Judge Rhona Amorado was joined by Miguel Braganza II, and DZMM station manager, Marah Faner Capuyan.

The two Grand Champions announced by Ahwel and JR were: Michelle Semana (May Isang Saglit) and Criselda Bernardo (Ang Pangarap Kong Umawit). Bryan de Leon was named the New York Pinoy Singing Idol. The Grand Champions won $1000 dollars each (courtesy of DZMM Radio and Queens Asian Fest) and a roundtrip flight to Manila (courtesy of Dr. Erie) for an opportunity to represent the United States on January 13-14, 2012. Michelle and Criselda will join other champions from other countries in a resort and will be provided with a workshop (courtesy of DZMM). The New York Singing Idol won $500 (courtesy of Ban Atienza).

Before the 2012 international face-off in Manila, The World Caravan 2011 Global Pinoy Singing Idol will make its next stops in Ireland and then Toronto, Canada.

The World Caravan 2011 Global Pinoy Singing Idol New York is presented by Easy Choice Health Plan of New York, Produced by DZMM TeleRadyo and Queens Asian Fest (Rolan and Myrna Gutierrez), and sponsored by: DirecTV (Bong Santos), Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, Payag Restaurant, Saladmaster Supreme Health Systems (Sam & Carol Sibbaluca), Krystal’s Café 81, Erika Productions, and powered by: djFilipino.

Richard M. Reyes



Contact: Alisse Kingsley
Muse Media
(323) 467-8508; e: AlissetheMuse@aol.com

Veteran Broadway and Tony Award-winning actress Lea Salonga releases live CD, “The Journey So Far”
Recorded at New York’s Café Carlyle, “The Journey So Far” features favorite tracks from throughout Lea’s career; a mix of Broadway, jazz, pop and cabaret standards.

Los Angeles, California. “The Journey So Far,” the new live CD from veteran Broadway and Tony Award-winning actress Lea Salonga, is set for release by LML Music/Allegro Distribution August 9th, 2011. Salonga, the Filipina singer and actress who is best known for originating the lead role of Kim in the musical Miss Saigon (and for which she won the Tony, Olivier, Drama Desk Outer Critics and Theatre World Awards), will accompany the release of the CD with a worldwide tour throughout 2011 and 2012.

Says Salonga, “We wanted to make this recording something very personal, touching on my life as well as my career. There are songs from my homeland, musical theater, film, and the jazz and pop worlds…this is more than just a recording; it’s a memento, a lasting souvenir of this very special time in my life.”

Recorded at the Café Carlyle with musical director Larry Yurman on piano, Jack Cavari on guitar, John Miller on bass, and Dave Ratajczak on drums, “The Journey So Far” features such timeless classics as “My Romance,” “Let’s Fall In Love,” “Someone To Watch Over Me,” “Salamat Salamat Musika,” “I Have Dreamed,” “Something’s Coming” and “There’ll Be Time.” “The Journey So Far” was produced by Nashville-based industry veteran Chris Keaton.

"Lea is the consummate entertainer and, in my opinion, one of the premier vocalists on the planet,” said Keaton.  “Working on this project is a dream come true for me, especially being a Nashville based industry professional....Broadway/Nashville, who knew? I really do believe this recording will open new doors and introduce Lea to a 'whole new world' of fans."

“The Journey So Far” is Salonga’s 26th CD release (she began her recording career at the age of 10 with her first album, Small Voice). Amongst many other theatrical productions (including the critically-acclaimed revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Flower Drum Song), Salonga was the first Asian actress to play the roles of Eponine and Fantine in the musical Les Miserables on Broadway, and also provided the singing voices of two Disney “princesses” – Jasmine in the film Aladdin and Fa Mulan in the films Mulan and Mulan II. In addition to her roles on the Great White Way, Salonga has starred in many theatrical productions in the Philippines and the Pacific Rim countries and continues to tour worldwide. She has performed with the likes of Harry Connick Jr., Michele Lee, John Lithgow, Jeff Daniels, and Russell Watson, and is active in such Broadway organizations as the Broadway Artists Alliance, Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS and The Actor’s Fund. Salonga received a Presidential Award of Merit from Philippine President Corazon Aquino.

For additional information on Lea Salonga, please visit www.leasalonga.com. For media requests please contact Alisse Kingsley at Muse Media, (323) 467-8508; e: AlissetheMuse@aol.com


Keyks Shop Now Open in Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Dear Friends,

We would like to announce the opening of our little shop Kéyks (derived from the Filipino word for cake). True to its name, we will be serving your favorite desserts. Our Kéyks shop will cater to a vast range of indulgences from competition worthy custom cakes to classic Filipino mirienda that we all enjoy.

Do you have a dream wedding cake in mind? Let us know how you’d like this baked goodness to impress your guests. What about a cake in the shape and image of your favorite car, bag or shoes? Tell us why it makes you smile and we’ll make sure it tastes as good as it looks. Or do you miss the old-fashioned ensaymada and Sans Rival that we all crave? Come on over. We have those. Are you unable to come to Kéyks? We deliver.


333 Acton Road
Chelmsford , MA 01824
Tel: (617) 855-KEYK (5395)
Hours: Tues-Sun 11:00am - 6:00pm (also available by appointment)

Website: www.keykgirl.com
Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Keykgirl

Come Visit us. Let us know your indulgences. We’ll find ways to make them sweeter.

Jep, Wena and Enzo Santos


Filipino American Senior Citizens Association Queens NYC celebrate 3rd Year Anniversary to Raise Funds for their Benevolence Ministry

February 17, 2011 was an exciting day for the Filipino American Senior Citizens Association Queens NYC, Inc (FASCAQ) officers and members. It is this time three years ago that they have become an incorporated group. A year ago they have become Tax - Exempt (501) (c) (3) Non Profit Public Charity Organization as well.

FASCAQ  Board of Directors

The fundraiser Gala started with a 3 month long promotion to sell Souvenir Journal Ads which blossomed to a 52 page full page Journal spearheaded by President of the Orgranization Luis Oliveros Pedron. "It was a worthwhile endeavor gaining support from our family and friends. We are also grateful to the VIP's and Elected Officials that gave Greetings Letters including Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Consul General Cecille Rebong, Philippine Ambassador to the UN Libran Cabactulan, NYC Council Member Daniel Dromm and NYC Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer."

Then for their FASCAQ Gala, organization wanted to thank key people who have helped them out and honor them as Community Awardees. The awardees were: Dr Engilberta R. Santos (Medicine & Business), Dr Roandolph Rosarion (Medicine and Medical Rehab), Rena Avendula (Business-Recruitment), Nene R Tolang (Creative Dance Choreography), Rosa Bofill (Volunteer Leadership-Fundraising), Linda G. Hojilla (Treasurer-Leadership), Noemi R Reodique (Secretary-Leadership), Alice Cornillez Chan ( Cultural Dance Choreography ), Ann Decena-Satinoff (Techinical Consultant) and Kalusugan Coalition, Inc (Health & Research Non-Profit). The Awards Committee Chair was Noemi Barilea.

The awards gala held last February 17, 2011 at the Payag Restaurant, Woodside Queens, NY was graced by more than a hundred Community Leaders, Senior Citizens, friends and relatives.

FASCAQ Community Leadership Awardees

One of the Main missions of the Organization is "Benevolence and Sympathy" to visit the sick and to extend some assistance to the bereaved family members of the departed member. "We encourage other organizations to create a Benevolence fund, we need to take care of our membership, not only during birthday, parties and events but also when they are sick and need spiritual support. We also encourage all Senior Citizens in the Queens area to join our group. Please check out our website www.filamseniorsnyc.com" added Mr. Pedron.

For information:
Wesbite: www.filamseniorsnyc.com
email: filamseniorsnyc1@gmail.com


Charmaine Clamor Sings for the President

On Saturday, February 26, by special request of United States Ambassador to the Philippines, Mr. Harry Thomas, multi-awarded Filipino-American trailblazer Charmaine Clamor performed a private concert at Manila's Malacanang Palace for President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino and 20 invited guests.

Ms. Clamor shared several of her celebrated "jazzipino" creations in her native language of Tagalog, as well songs in English and Spanish. After a standing ovation from the elite audience, she invited President Aquino, a karaoke enthusiast, to join her for a duet.

Charmaine Clamor's "Something Good" Tour Continues
3/5 in Boston

For more about Charmaine Clamor please visit www.charmaineclamor.com.


Payag Restaurant Voted 'Most Creative' at Asian Feastival 2010

by: Luis Pedron

The prestigious Asian Feastival 2010 (a Food Festival, held at Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, Flushing Queens, NY last September 6, 2010) that featured Cuisines from Asia including: Burma, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Nepal and the Philippines. The only Filipino Restaurant invited was Payag Restaurant (Cebuano Cuisine - located in 51-34 Roosevelt Ave cor 52nd St Woodside, Queens, NY 11377 www.payagrestaurant.com). The booth of Payag Restaurant led by Chef Ganados and owner Rena Avendula won the "Most Creative Award" voted by the audience and the award was given by DW News, a Chinese newspaper based in NYC and Wendy Chan, producer of Asian Feastival 2010.

The event was jammed packed with Asian and American New Yorkers who were there to savor the different Asian delicacies and cuisines.

Guest Speaker, Philippine Born Chef Michael Ty, President of the American Culinary Federation, was extatic about the event "I'm here enjoying the melting pot of Asia with all different types of food from different parts of Asia, I believe it's the first event I have ever been, that exposed all different Asian cuisines equally."

NYC Comptroller John Liu, reminded everyone in the crowd that "Asian Cuisine is Number 1" to a thunderous applause from the crowd.

Wendy Chan, Producer of Asian Feastival 2010, said that " As an Asian American, as a Queens resident, I am so proud that we are coming today to celebrate our culture through food. Food has the ability to bring people together and find our strength to combine our efforts so that we can become a stronger community."

Peter Koo, NYC Councilman (Flushing Queens), "I would like to thank Wendy and Veronica Chan for doing a wonderful job in organizing this event successfully bringing the East and West together."

The Asian Feastival 2010 showcased a lot of the Asian restaurants located in Queens, and Payag Restaurant which proudly represented the Philippines at this event did well with the audience. Payag Restaurant won the "Most Creative" at this event. This will certainly make the visitors curious what Payag is all about. The Asian Feastival 2010 definitely will make me visit all the different Asian restaurants in my neighborhood and beyond.

website: www.asianfeastival.com


ATTENTION TO ALL CONCERNED: The producers from Chicago, New York and Maryland are in pursuit of an answer from a certain MR. MUTCH CARIÑO of Creative Ideas Productions from California and his partner MR. ALFRED YUMUL of Las Vegas, to clarify if they intend to settle and reimburse the deposits that they collected from the above mentioned producers in lieu of their alleged shows of Pinay Hot Babes for which in nearing the supposedly scheduled date of the said show, Mr. Cariño was nowhere to be found and was always coming up with a different alibi. It ended up with him suggesting that, because the consent of Viva had not been secured, substitutions be made for some of the girls in the original line-up and we agreed because we had already sold tickets to people and paid the venues. We decided to continue with the show in spite of the different line-up of artists, but when we tried to call Mr. Cariño back with our decision, he seemingly just disappeared into thin air. Note that he has been contacted by several calls but he never returns the calls. We know that there are still frends of Cariño out there; please advise him to face his responsibility like a man, because the same thing could happen to you also. If anybody who may have contact with or know the whereabouts of MR. MUTCH CARIÑO or MR. ALFRED YUMUL, we are seeking your help to please contact us immediately at 201.886.1705.  YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE!



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